The mission of our company is to design and distribute sustainable collections and to act transparently. From design to production to distribution.

For this we received the German award for Sustainability 2021 Design (Deutschen Nachhaltigkeitspreis Design 2021). 

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Photo by Ryan Bruce from Burst


Natur by NINA REIN - nature means so much to us

And it is precisely because of this sensitivity to nature conservation that we are breaking new ground with NINA REIN. We process natural materials from organic cultivation and sustainable production. Because only in this way can we be confident that nature does not already suffer during the cultivation of the raw materials. Our collections become a highlight through expressive colours, not through the processing of plastic.

The use of natural materials also in the details, instead of the plastic buttons common in other companies, shows that there is a variety of ways to counteract the plastic flood. We are rethinking and want to continue to drive the change towards more sustainability

Materials by NINA REIN - Made in Europe

We source 90% (and rising) of our materials from Europe. The advantages are obvious: fewer transport emissions, high standards for occupational safety and environmental protection.

We also support local know-how, which is needed to be able to produce such high-quality fabrics in the first place. We want to keep this know-how close to home.


Production by NINA REIN - Made in Europe

Our collections are manufactured in Europe in factories with fair working conditions and in compliance with high safety standards. Our payment is fair and is intended to enable everyone involved to live a life without poverty.

By producing in Europe, transport distances are kept short to avoid unnecessary emissions. Neither the raw materials nor our clothes travel around the world before they end up in our customers' wardrobes.