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NINA REIN has been a sustainable brand since its foundation - But what does that mean exactly?

We use natural, certified fabrics. This is the only way we can be sure that the production is environmentally friendly and also people-friendly. Whenever possible, we do without plastic. 

We are proud that some of our items are PETA certified. We are working on getting all our garments certified.

We work with these ICONS to identify at a glance the special features of each garment:


All our garments contain:


Weltkugel HandSocial responsability -  All garments are made by grown-up, trained seamstresses. They receive a fair wage and do not work on a piecework basis.



Blätter mit Hand ICON

Eco-friendly - Our products are environmentally friendly. We offer natural materials from resource-saving production. 



Nadel und Faden

Handmade - Our clothes are handmade. A lot of people with great craftsmanship work on each garment: seamstresses, cutters, designers, weavers. All garments are made by a trained seamstress. 

Deutschlandkarte SchneiderpuppeGerman Design - NINA REIN is a designer brand. All garments are designed, processed and approved for production in beautiful Bavaria.



shake hands

Ethical - Our company stands for fair and appreciative cooperation.



Wassertropfen mit HandWatersaving production - Both in the production of the fabric and in the washing process, care was taken to use as little water as possible. 



In which countries takes the production place? 


Fabric made in EU - We source most of the fabrics from the EU. European factories have a lot of experience and offer highest quality. Their stadards for environmental protection and human rights are particularly high. We want to maintain this tradition.


Fabric made in Switzerland - This fabric was produced in Switzerland. The factory has a lot of experience and offers the highest quality.



Fabric made in India - This fabric was made in India and is special because of its workmanship. We use certified, non-violent silk from Cocccon. A project that gives its employees esteem and security to continue their traditional fabric culture.

EU Sterne im Kreis

Made in EU -  Quality from Europe. Production in Europe also enables short transportion routes and less CO2 emissions.  




Which materials do we use? 


V mit Blatt

Vegan - This garment does not contain any animal ingredients. Both the fabric and the buttons are non-animal origin.



This garment is vegan, what means without animal components, and even certified by PETA. PETA Deutschland e.V. is Germany's largest animal rights organisation 


Wool kbT - Our wool comes from sustainable and controlled organic animal husbandry. The sheep are treated in a species-appropriate manner. 


Lyocell - This great fibre is obtained from the pulp of trees through chemical processes. We make sure that our manufacturers have a closed loop system where no waste water is released into the environment.   


Linen - this product is made from certified linen. Linen has excellent sustainable properties. It needs little water to grow and is robust against pests. Ideal in summer as linen has a cooling effect.


Organic cotton - this product is made from organic cotton. It is grown without pesticides and is also dyed with environmentally friendly means.


SeidenfalterNon-violent silk - The butterfly from which the silk thread is used to produce the fabric, is allowed to hatch. It is not killed as in conventional production. We source the silk from an Indo-European social project.



Furthermore, many of our articles are: 

organicOrganic - Our products are organic. The fabrics we use a certified with environmental labels.