Kamila - Director of material information

Kamila - Director of material information
We are happy to introduce you to such an inspiring woman. Her name is Kamila Flidr, and she works in information technology as Director of material information. She has been under the top nominees for the Engineer PowerWomen award for which she chose an outfit by NINA REIN. We asked her some questions about her job in a male-typical field and her understanding of women empowerment.

What does women supporting women look like to you? 

They put priority on making time in their busy schedules to support other women, they volunteer, they share their knowledge, they are advocates, champions and sponsors.

Can your job be described as male-typical? 

I am originally mechanical engineer and yes, I think that this is still a male-typical job even in 2022. I think that there is more women in information technology, but this is highly dependent of countries. I think that women role models, experience sharing and strong networks are important to attract more young women in technical professions.

How do you see the development towards diversity and women’s quota here? 

I think that there is a big progress which happened between my generation and the previous one. A quota is not a question, most companies understood that diversity drives innovation and competitiveness. The question is How? There are two ways how to increase the quota, a longer one - educate new generation of women engineers / scientists - and a shorter one - up-skill female employees. Not only companies engagement is essential, but of whole society and education system.

Frau in pinkem Anzug an Fluss stehend, lehnt sich an Geländer

Why pink as a statement for your winning outfit and for the portrait shoot? 

Because it was a very special moment for me, an honour to be part of the top three nominees for the Engineer PowerWoman award and I wanted a statement outfit, something which really means something to me. I admire NINA REIN mission, its partners, such as Ameli Zurich, and how they empower and support other women.

How many languages do you speak? 

I speak four languages, Czech, French, English and German. I understand Slovak and could get quick to speak it as it is so close to Czech. In my opinion, every language one speaks brings a different point of view on communication and way of thinking.